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Start by watching some Prep Course lessons.

If the lessons are for your child you can also watch the Parents' Course videos under "Violin", "Parents area".


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Prep Course


The Prep Course covers the first 6 pieces in Suzuki Violin volume 1 (six rhythm variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

Because I cater for such a wide age-range, I provide my Prep Course in 3 different formats. All the formats cover the same material and get the player up to the same playing standard, but the presentation is tailored to the different age ranges. You only need to do ONE of these courses.

The age ranges provide a guide only. If the course seems to be moving too quickly or too slowly then try one of the other formats.

Violin Prep Course for Young Children (age ~3-6yrs)

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Violin Prep Course for Older Children (age ~7-11yrs)

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Thanks so much for all you do! We are so enjoying the journey, and especially the flexibility of online video lessons. The way you bring in the “Rhythm Train” books has been a really helpful introduction to music reading.

Carly B from Alberta, Canada

mother of 5 homeschooled children

Violin Book 1

After the Prep Course, you'll move onto Book 1, which covers the remainder of Suzuki Violin Volume 1. This course caters for all ages.

The introduction to music reading is aimed at children learning Suzuki book 1.

Wow Katie! You are amazing. This is amazing. Thanks very much for the recording of the lesson and also for the explanations on how to find the videos- I struggled to find the right twinkle exercise. Really appreciate all you do. Alice is really enjoying seeing the improvements. Thanks a lot.


Violin Book 2

I am currently working on this course. It isn't yet complete but will still be useful to book 2 students having individual lessons with me.