How to use this website and Katie's Lessons

This website is intended to be used along with the Suzuki method books and CDs, which can be purchased separately from me or from other music shops. You will also need an instrument to practice on (see the piano and violin pages for more information).

As you (or your child) progress through the pieces you will watch the pre-recorded video lessons and read the information in the course booklet (a downloadable pdf). 

To get my feedback and help, you can book lessons with me or upload videos so I can send you helpful suggestions. I will also confirm to you when each piece is correctly learned, then you can work on polishing it so that you can play the piece fluently along with the CD.

Lessons and/or video-uploads are very flexible in timing because they are booked individually. They can be weekly, monthly or any other frequency you like. 

I have only recorded video lessons for book 1 piano and book 1 violin but I do teach the later books through individual lessons.  When you progress out of book 1 you no longer need to pay the website subscription, you would just pay for individual lessons. 

The first step is to do a 1-week-free so you can have a look at the lessons and the Parent Course (if the lessons are for your child).  The 1-week-free comes with one free webcam session (lesson or chat) and one free video-upload so you can try everything out.

I love to hear from students so please let me know how you go with the lessons, using the "Contact Katie" in the top menu.

Happy music learning. I hope to meet you or hear from you soon.

Katie Dey