Slowing down mp3 tracks

When first playing along with a piece, it can help to slow down the tracks while you get used to the speed. To slow down the tracks you'll need them as mp3s (not just as a CD). If you need help converting the CD to mp3s just ask me, I can help 🙂 To slow down the mp3s you can search for an mp3 speed changer app. I use audipo on both android and iphones.  Another option on iphones is Anytune, and another option for both types of phones is speedshifter ( On a computer, try either speedshifter or the VLC player. For a chromebook try Music Speed Changer (

If your piano is not tuned up to concert pitch then it can be helpful to be able to change the pitch of the mp3 as well as the speed. Audipo on my andriod phone does this, perhaps the iphone version does too, or I think the free app "Music Speed Changer" (by Single Minded Productions) does it too.

More detailed instructions on Audipo for iphones

If you can, it is probably easier to put the mp3s into itunes on the computer because you can multi-select but it is also possible to do them directly on the iphone (one at a time).

Install your chosen app for slowing down mp3 tracks onto the iphone. I used Audipo.

If you are using the phone for the whole task then open the email from me with the link and click on it so you can see the list of tracks. From here different iphones are slightly different. On some you can click the 3 dots by each track then "open in". Select the audipo app then "save". Do this for each track in turn. On other iphones, you can single click on each track in turn, then select "audipo" or you might need to "save file" or download each track then forward it to the audipo app.

When you have saved the tracks into Audipo, open the audipo app and the tracks should (hopefully!) be in there ready for playing.

More detailed instructions for computers

The Speedshifter software is quite easy to use but on the VLC software, the speed selector isn't always visible on the player by default but you can put it on by following these instructions: Go to the Tools menu, then "Customise interface". Now in the "main toolbar" tab you should see a scrollable list of many items that you could put into your toolbar. Scroll right down near the bottom to find the "Speed selector". Click and drag this up into the main toolbar area, then click close. You should now see a little "1.00 x" in the bottom toolbar area of your VLC player.


A metronome can be helpful for older intermediate/advanced students. I don't suggest using a metronome with children in book 1. You can search for metronome apps or try these:

On iphone/ipad: Promoetronome

On Android: Metronome beats

On a computer or chromebook:

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