Book Individual Violin Lessons with Katie

I teach individual lessons most weeks in Motueka and by webcam. Lessons cost NZ$30 for a 30-min lesson. Click on "Individual lesson booking calendar" below to see what times are available. Note that you must be logged in to book lessons. If you are not in New Zealand, remember to set your time-zone in the calendar.

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To join your lesson click here. On a computer/chromebook this link opens as a webpage in Chrome (they don't guarantee that it will work with any other browsers sorry). For ipad/tablet/phone please download the Rock Out Loud Live app and join lessons with katiesuzukimusic. Let me know if you have any trouble getting into the lesson.

To learn more about me and the Suzuki method see the Homepage and the items in the "INFO" menu above.

As well as individual lessons, I also run group classes online for book 1-2 level. More information about these is under "Violin", "Group classes".

Rose is absolutely loving the lessons with you and it’s wonderful to see her practising daily and being inspired again. Thank you so much for taking her on.


mother of 8 homeschooled children, UK

Wow Katie! You are amazing. This is amazing. Thanks very much for the recording of the lesson and also for the explanations on how to find the videos- I struggled to find the right twinkle exercise. Really appreciate all you do. Alice is really enjoying seeing the improvements. Thanks a lot.


Booking lessons for your child

Parental input is very important in Suzuki lessons so please be present during all lessons unless arranged prior. With younger children, one of your important roles is to take notes on what your child should practice. Even for older teens, it can still be helpful for you to listen in so you know what your child has been asked to practice and can follow up with them later. Many children do better with some parental input till mid or late-teens. Once your child is completely independent with their regular and effective practice, you can decide whether or not to continue attending their lessons with them.

When you are working with your child at home you are actively in the teacher-role. When your child is having a lesson with me please remember to switch to the parent-role! and be a mostly quiet observer and note-taker.

Individual lessons usually start and end with the child and me bowing to each other.

Please don't chew gum during lessons.

Lessons in Motueka

I teach from my home in Motueka Valley, about 8 mins drive from the blue clocktower in Motueka. We live up a short, reasonably steep road. There is space for 2-3 cars to park in our driveway but then you might need to back out. You can also park along the side of the road.

When coming to an Individual lesson please bring your Suzuki book, practice sheets and any other paperwork you are using.

Remote lessons by webcam

I offer introductory chats and teach individual lessons via webcam using Zoom video-conferencing software. You don't need a Zoom membership to take a lesson. The first time you attend an online lesson your device will download the required Zoom software. You can run Zoom on a desktop, a phone or a tablet.

To prepare for your lesson, have your Suzuki book and course booklet printouts with you. Sign on to Zoom early so you have time to check that everything is working properly before the lesson.

Please don't chew gum during lessons.


Website subscription costs NZ$30/month and gives access to watch the video lessons and the ability to book lessons and upload videos (both at extra cost).

Individual lessons in Motueka or by webcam cost NZ$25 for 30-min.

Video uploads cost NZ$10.

You'll need the a copy of the Suzuki book 1 and CD and a violin to practice on.

How to get started

1/ Do a 1-week-free subscription on this website to have a look at the pre-recorded lessons. You'll be working through these at home then showing me what you've learned at your next lesson. Your 1-week-free comes with a coupon to book one free individual lesson. We can use this first session to chat and do a trial lesson if you are ready. If it all looks good, then...

2/ Subscribe with a paid membership, Buy the book and cd, and organise a violin of the right size for your child.