Video Uploads

Got a question? Want some feedback?

Upload a video and I will send you feedback and helpful suggestions. My feedback will appear as a message under "My Progress", "Achievements&Messages". If the pieces are short you can send me 2 pieces in each video, or upload 2 short videos on one credit. It often works well to send me one review piece and one new piece.

Just take a video with your phone, then browse to this page on your phone. Click "Select Files" (in the form below) then add comments and click "Submit".

Each upload costs one video-upload credit.

After you send me a video, or play a piece for me during a lesson you'll receive my feedback as well as a record of which pieces you have learnt. Both of these will be under the menu item "My progress" then "Achievements&messages".

I have 3 levels of achievement I look for in each piece. The first level is when  you have learned the notes and rhythms correctly. Another level is when you can play the piece polished and from memory (if it wasn't before). The final level is when you can play the piece fluently with the (full speed) piano accompaniment track.

I am also always happy to see pieces that you are still working on, especially if you are finding a particular part difficult and would like advice.

I look forward to seeing your video.

Note: video files are large and will take a while to upload, 1-10 mins depending on your connection. Once the upload reaches 100% please click "Submit" which will send the video through to me. This page should refresh then if you scroll back down here you should see a message saying "thank you for your upload". If your video doesn't manage to reach 100% uploaded then something isn't working so please contact me and I'll take a look. This form will allow you to upload 2 files with a file size limit of 512MB.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: mov, mpg, mp4, avi, mp3, wav.