Parents page

Being a Suzuki parent can be immensely rewarding but can also be challenging at times.

This area of the website is to give you ideas and support to keep going.

If you are new here, then I suggest you watch the Suzuki philosophy video and the parent course.

If your child is very young (or even not so young) then the following page on Keeping Practice Fun might be helpful.

I love to connect with Suzuki parents. Whether you are new or a well established Suzuki parent, I would love to hear your story, your queries and your comments. You can contact me by email any time using the "contact me" link or on "My pages" "achievements and messages". I also run free parent chat sessions via webcam. This is a half-hour block when I'm available to chat on webcam (using Zoom). Any parent whose child is learning music with me can join. You don't need to stay for the whole half hour, just sign-on any time and leave when you want. These sessions have two aims. To enable Suzuki parents to meet and chat with each other. To give parents an easy way to chat with me about any music practice related issues.

Come and chat (by webcam)