Online Suzuki Piano group classes for children

I am not running group classes at the moment sorry, because there was not enough interest last time I scheduled some. If you are would like them to run again please let me know because I am happy to, I just need enough children interested.

When I last ran them, they were every second weekend at 2pm Saturday (New Zealand time). Booking is via the button below (log in first). Classes cost NZ$10/class. If you have more than one child and you can fit them both on the same screen you only need to pay for one place in the class, or you can pay for your children separately then they can log in on different devices.

Booking links visible when subscribed to a Piano membership

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Having online music lessons can be rather isolating for children so it can be motivating for them to meet together with a group and see other children playing the same pieces. It also encourages fluency because when you're playing with a group, you can't stop to fix mistakes, you have to keep going!

These classes will be for fun, for review and for re-inforcement of important concepts. The class will involve various music-related activities and games. We'll play a lot of pieces "together". Because of the time delay over the internet, when we play together the children will see everyone playing but they will only hear me and themself. I'll provide words to the songs so if your child doesn't play that piece yet they can sing along. Please let your child know that if my sound and picture are not in sync, I suggest they play in time with my sound and ignore my picture. This class will be aimed at book 1-2 level. Twinklers are welcome. Even though they won't be able to play many of the pieces they will learn a lot from singing along and watching other children playing the pieces. I'll also provide an opportunity for the children play a piece by themselves for the others to listen to, like a little concert. This is totally optional! no obligation to play.

All group classes will be recorded and some might be put on youtube and/or facebook. If you would rather your child's picture not be shown then please still join us but turn your video off when I start recording.

I don't think it feels like a group unless there are at least 5 children, so if I don't get this many, I'll refund and cancel the class. If this happens I'll wait for a while then try running the classes again. If you have booked for the class and I do need to cancel it, I'll let you know on Thurs morning (NZ time).

I welcome any Suzuki piano students to these groups, you don't need to have a paid registration on my website and you don't need to have individual lessons with me. Contact me if you are interested and I can give you a login which will enable you to book these group classes (but not to view my video-lessons).