Online Suzuki Piano group classes for children

Group classes won't run until at least Feb 2022.

When group classes are running, they are usually every second weekend at 11am Saturday, New Zealand time. The classes are aimed at children aged 3-13 yrs. You can book using the button below (log in first). Classes cost NZ$8 / class.

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These classes will be for fun, for review and for re-inforcement of important concepts. There is usually no individual instruction in the group classes. Most of the class time will be getting the children playing review pieces together. Because of the time delay when we play together the children will see everyone playing but they will only hear me and themself. If my sound and picture are not in sync, I suggest you play in time with my sound and ignore my picture.

The classes will also involve various music-related activities and games. I will include activites to do with beginning music reading. Also sometimes the children play pieces individually, like a little concert.

The class is aimed at twinkles and book 1 level.

All group classes will be recorded and some will be put on youtube and facebook. If you would rather your child's picture not be shown then please still join us but turn your video off.

I welcome any Suzuki piano students, you don't need to be registered on my website and don't need to have individual lessons with me. Contact me if you are interested in the groups and I can provide a website login so you can get into the booking calendar. The login will enable you to book lessons but not to watch the videos.