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I Can Read Music

(book 1)

This course teaches music reading for violin using the book "I Can Read Music (volume 1)" by Joanne Martin.

This course is aimed at children from mid Suzuki book 1 through to Suzuki book 2. It can be started as soon as children have finished my "Introduction to Music Reading for Children" course, which this follows on from.  I often start this music reading book around the beginning of Suzuki book 2 and I aim for it to be completed before the end of Suzuki book 2.

Pitch reading and rhythm reading are kept separate in this book. The pitch reading pages use only one note and the rhythm reading pages use only one rhythm.

Note that I haven't done a video for every page of this book, only for the pages that have something new or where there is something I want to point out.

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Course Materials

You will need a copy of Joanne Martin's book "I Can Read Music (volume 1). I don't sell this on my website but here are some links to buy it on book depository and Amazon.