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Violin Book 1

This course teaches the pieces in Suzuki Violin book 1 (International Edition) except the first few pieces (the Twinkles), which are covered in the Prep Course. This course usually takes between 6 months and 2 years to complete.

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Print out the course booklet using the link in the Course Materials section (visible when logged in), then work through the lesson videos using the course booklet to record your progress.

If you would like my feedback at any time, you can email me using "Contact Katie" (in the top menu) or book an individual lesson (under Violin, Individual lessons) or send me a video ("Violin" "Video uploads"). I look forward to hearing from you.



Course Materials

You will need a copy of the Suzuki violin volume 1 book and CD/mp3s:

If you are in New Zealand you can buy the book from me here:

Suzuki violin volume 1 (Revised Edition) book

If you are in another country (or in NZ) here are some other links where you can buy it. The newest edition is the "International Edition" with the recording by Hilary Hahn, but the "Revised edition" would also be OK. Note that I have had trouble buying the mp3s from New Zealand, probably to do with their license agreements (I think it was the Alfred link that worked for me). If you have trouble buying the mp3s do get in touch with me and I can probably help.

Book and CD together from Amazon

Book by itself from Amazon

mp3s from itunes

mp3s from Alfred

mp3s from Amazon


Words to sing to the violin pieces are here.

Also download (free) one of the following pdfs to go with this course:

Link visible when logged in with a Violin membership

A narrow A4 ringbinder folder with tabs can be a good way to keep your violin paperwork in order.

Course Content

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