Piano Lessons

Nelson and Motueka

I teach group and individual lessons in central Nelson usually every second Saturday during term-time. I teach individual lessons in Motueka every week during term-time. I also teach lessons online by webcam.

Between lessons you can continue to progress at home by watching the pre-recorded video lessons on this website. You can try these now using the 1-week-free registration. Click on the following link:

You can use these pre-recorded lessons by themself but most students prefer to get some teacher feedback. If you can travel to Nelson or Motueka you can attend additional in-person lessons with me. If you live further away or prefer not to travel, I also teach by webcam or you can send me videos of your playing so I can reply to you with helpful suggestions.

To learn more about me and the Suzuki method see the Homepage and the items in the "INFO" menu above.

Nelson lessons

Nelson lessons are at Nelson Center of Musical Arts (NCMA) at 48 Nile Street. I suggest that new beginners come to the Prep Course masterclass session and stay on for the group class which follows. Alternatively, or in addition, you can book half-hour individual lessons.

The masterclass involves a small group of beginners having short individual lessons and watching the lessons of their peers. We will be working directly on the pieces that the children are learning. Usually I will work with each child individually and sometimes we will work as a group. Children learn a lot by watching the lessons of others.

The group class involves children playing pieces together. It provides a social network for children and parents. Because all the children learn the same pieces from memory, they can play together, especially as I usually have multiple pianos in the room. This gives the enjoyment of playing music with a group and the motivation of listening to others play more advanced pieces. There is also the opportunity for informal individual performance.

You can read the information there without registering. The booking link itself will become visible when you are logged in with an active membership.

Motueka lessons

For beginners based near Motueka you have the choice of coming to half-hour individual lessons in Motueka and/or travelling into Nelson for the masterclasses and group classes.

You can read the information there without registering. The booking link itself will become visible when you are logged in with an active membership.


The cost for a term of lessons varies depending on what lessons you choose to attend. If you attend 4 masterclasses and 4 group classes each term then the cost per term will be $162. This includes the website subscription of $90 plus lesson costs of $72.

Website subscription costs $30/month and gives access to watch the video lessons and the ability to book lessons.

Individual lessons in Motueka or in Nelson cost $25 for 30-min.

Masterclass sessions cost $10 for 30-mins

Group classes cost $8 for 30-mins.

In order to attend any Nelson classes (in the NCMA building) your child must be registered as an NCMA student ($20/child/year) in addition to paying the class/lesson cost.

Your child will also need a copy of the Suzuki book and CD (or a start-up pack) and a piano to practice on. You can use either an acoustic or a digital piano at home.

How to get started

1/ Do a 1-week-free subscription on this website to have a look at the pre-recorded lessons and if you like you can book a free introductory chat to meet me. If it all looks good, then...

2/ Subscribe with a paid membership, Buy a start-up pack or just the book and cd, and organise a piano for your child. You can use an acoustic piano or a digital piano

3/ Book in for the next Prep Course masterclass or book an individual lesson. You can start working through the pre-recorded website lessons with your child before attending a class or you can wait and start the website lessons after your first class.