Setting up and tuning your piano

Getting a piano

You can get either an acoustic or a digital piano. The information here can help you decide which kind to get.

Pianos can be bought new or second-hand, from various shops around New Zealand:

Lewis Eady in Auckland (sells new and second-hand acoustic and digital pianos)

Hoekstra Pianos in Christchurch (acoustic pianos, sales, tuning and rentals)

The Music Warehouse in Lower Hutt (acoustic and digital piano sales and rentals)

Piano Works in New Plymouth (acoustic and digital piano sales, rentals and tuning)

Mr Music (Neville Claughton) - showroom of reconditioned second hand acoustic pianos in Nelson

Many nationwide music shops like Music Works, RockShop, Music Planet and KBB music also sell a range of acoustic and digital pianos. 

Second-hand pianos are also available on Trademe. If you are considering buying an acoustic piano off trade-me, I suggest paying a piano tuner to go and check the piano before you buy it.


Getting your piano tuned
Pianos usually need tuning every year or two. Most piano shops will be able to recommend local tuners.

Two options for tuning and repairs in the Nelson area and upper South Island are:

Mr Music (Neville Claughton)

Mike Beever

Setting up a seat and footstool for your child
To enable your child to play their best, it is important to have a seat of the right height. If a child's feet don't rest flat on the floor then I recommend that they use a footstool.