Supporting parents of young music students and the new "Parents Area" on my website

Every parent enjoys watching their child progress in learning a musical instrument and wants their child to enjoy playing music. However, it is rare for a child to be self-motivated enough to create this progress and enjoyment by themself. At times, children need their parents to help them get through the inevitable challenges so they can maintain their enjoyment of playing music. As a parent, supporting your child through regular music practice isn’t always easy, so I created a new “Parents Area” on my website. In here are a collection of links to resources I think will be useful to you:
• my Suzuki philosophy video (viewable without logging in)
• my Parent Course (which you’ll need to be logged in to see)
• “Keeping practice fun”. This is a new page with many ideas and activities to keep practice interesting, especially for young children, but I know 12-yr olds who still enjoy some of these! (this is viewable without logging in)
• Free parent chat sessions by webcam. This is also new and you’ll need to be logged in to attend these.

Come to the Parents Area and get new ideas to help keep your child progressing and enjoying their music.

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