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free Suzuki Parent Chat sessions by webcam 

Its not always easy to be a Suzuki parent, especially when distance-learning. So I have set up free parent-chat sessions by webcam. In these sessions, you can talk to me for free, outside of lesson time and without your child around. These will be group sessions so I hope that you will also enjoy meeting any other parents there as well. If your child is taking lessons with me or working through my online lessons then you are welcome to attend. There is a calendar on the webpage showing when I’ll be available. The times will show in your local timezone so we shouldn’t have any trouble with timezone conversion. At the times shown, I’ll be there with my webcam on, just waiting for you parents to join the session. No booking required, and no need to stay for the whole half-hour. Just join any time and leave when you want. I’ll be sitting there waiting, so do come and chat ????
You can read the information without a website login by going to the Piano menu or the Violin menu then to “Parents Area”, “Parents Page”:
You’ll need a website login to be able to view the calendar and join the session here:

Hope to see you soon,

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