Suzuki method Violin

Children's group classes in Motueka Valley

Every second Saturday morning (during term-time) I teach children's group classes at my home in Motueka Valley (8 mins drive from the blue clocktower). These classes are aimed at complete beginners aged 3-9yrs with a parent-support person. I teach using a combination of these in-person lessons and pre-recorded video lessons, which you work through at home. For more information fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Here is how it works:

  • You and your child come to two half-hour group sessions every second Saturday morning.
  • One half-hour class is a shared individual lesson. This is a small group of usually 3 children and their parents. Each child (with their parent) takes a turn at having a short individual lesson with me while the others watch. Children learn a lot from watching others.
  • The other half-hour is a larger group-playing class involving the children playing pieces together.
  • Between lessons you practice with your child at home. You watch my pre-recorded video lessons on this website and work through the content with your child so they can show me at their next lesson. If you have questions you can always email me or join one of the free parent-chat sessions that I run by webcam.

If you would like more lesson-time for your child you can book (1-on-1) individual lessons or upload a video of your child's playing to get my feedback and helpful suggestions.

For children who are older than about 9 yrs or are beyond book 1, I suggest booking regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) individual lessons and also attending the half-hour group-playing classes.

To learn more about me and the Suzuki method see the Homepage and the items in the "INFO" menu above.


The cost for a term of lessons is made up of the website subscription cost ($30/month) plus your lesson fees. You book your lessons yourself on the website so your lesson fees will vary depending on which lessons you book.

A new beginner attending the shared-individual and group-playing classes on 5 Saturdays will pay $180 for the term. This includes the website subscription of $90 plus lesson costs of $90.

There are other costs associated with starting as well, including buying the book and CD ($35) and hiring/buying a violin of the right size, if you don't already have one.

You can buy the book and CD from my shop or from other music shops. After you buy the CD (from me or elsewhere), I can convert it to mp3s for you. You'll find more information on getting an instrument in the Violin menus.

Getting started with Violin

To get your child started on these violin lessons the two first steps are

  1. do a 1-week-free subscription on this website to try out the pre-recorded video lessons. You'll be working through these at home with your child between lessons. You'll find the link to the 1-week-free subscription on the top menu "Register now".
  2. Enquire below and I will send you more information about the group classes. We'll arrange a time for you and your child to meet me, I'll help you source a violin for your child and we'll arrange for you to join a group.