Music Performances

Our kids have both been learning violin for the last few years and here you get to see them perform. The Nelson Centre of Music and Arts (NCMA) holds these students concerts once each term, and students are encouraged to perform. They do this in front of their adoring fans of parents, family and friends. The training the students get when doing public music performance is a valuable part of learning music, and is also the core of the Suzuki Method. Even in a small forum of performing in the lounge for parents and family, I encourage your child to partake in every music performance opportunity to show off their new musical skills. Make this a regular activity and don't forget to always give positive encouragement to these youngsters. 

Did you know that music students do better at maths, science and english compared to their non-musical peers? According to this article, a study published by the American Psychological Association indicates that, "Students who participated in music, who had higher achievement in music, and who were highly engaged in music had higher exam scores across all subjects, while these associations were more pronounced for those who took instrumental music rather than vocal music. On average, the children who learned to play a musical instrument for many years, and were now playing in high school band and orchestra, were the equivalent of about one  ahead of their peers with regard to their English, mathematics and science skills, as measured by their exam grades."

Check out the Piano Courses and Violin Courses I'm offering on this website if your child is interested in starting a journey in learning these instruments. Together with these guided online video lessons coupled and individualised feedback via video uploads, you can book private lessons in person or via online. I teach adults as well, so take a look at the courses if you think this could be right for you.

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