Enabling students to send me videos of their playing

One of the recent additions on my website has been to enable students to buy one-off video-upload credits. This means that my students can send me a video of their playing using a secure upload link. I watch their playing and send them feedback.

Having these uploads as one-offs makes it very flexible for students. It means that not only my distance-students but also students who usually come in-person (when we are not in lockdown) can easily send me videos.

Video files can be quite large, even for 1-3 min videos, so I had some challenges in figuring out how to make these files easy to move around. I also wanted the files to be secure so that students could not see each others uploaded files.

With lockdown, I think that many music teachers will be interested in setting up something similar for their students. My solution is quite technical but a similar set-up could be achieved using something like google drive or dropbox.

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