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Piano Prep Course


This course teaches the first few pieces in Suzuki piano volume 1 (four different rhythm variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

The course starts by learning to play the twinkle variations with each hand separately, then the last few lessons of the course put both hands together, playing in unison. This course usually takes between one and four weeks.

Each piece has a "learning" lesson and a "polishing" lesson. The "learning" lesson teaches the notes, rhythms and fingerings and is complete when the piece can be played reasonably fluently all through. The "polishing" lesson encourages you to improve your posture and tone and also to build up to playing the piece at CD-speed. 

When you have finished the "learning" lessons in this course, you'll be ready to start the "book 1 hands together" course, which contains links out to the hands separate lessons as they become relevant.

Developing a good piano hand position and the dexterity to play at CD-speed often takes most of book 1 so enjoy the process and give it time. 

 Course Materials


You will need a copy of:

Suzuki piano volume 1 (New International Edition) book and CD (or mp3s)

In some countries you might be able to get the mp3 tracks as a digital download on Amazon (though they don't seem to sell to New Zealand) or on iTunes. The Suzuki book is available without the CD in music shops and some bookshops.

You'll also need the course booklet:

Link visible when logged in

A narrow A4 ringbinder folder with tabs can be a good way to keep your piano paperwork in order.



Print out the course booklet and the weekly practice sheet using the links in the Course Materials section (visible when logged in), then work through the lesson videos, using the course booklet and your practice sheet to record your progress.

If you would like my feedback at any time, just  send me a video ("Piano" "Video uploads") or book a lesson ("Piano" "Individual lessons"). I look forward to hearing from you.