Katie Suzuki Music Lessons

Suzuki Piano | Suzuki Violin

In-person and online

Step-by-step lessons for complete beginners aged 3yrs+


The Suzuki method teaches music in the same way that children learn language, using the mother tongue method.
Learn to play by ear first and to read music later.
Lessons in-person and online
Individual lessons and group classes
Watch pre-recorded video lessons then get personalised support by booking a lesson or uploading a video for me to watch.

I am a trained Suzuki teacher with over 20 years of experience. I provide professional quality online video lessons and can support you with in-person lessons or remotely by webcam and video uploads.

Comments from students:

Every parent wants the best for their child and in terms of music, this often means Suzuki method lessons.

I teach in-person lessons in Nelson and Motueka (New Zealand) and online by webcam. I also provide pre-recorded video lessons for my students to watch at home.

If you don't have access to a local Suzuki teacher, you can do lessons with me from your home. You can watch the pre-recorded video lessons, take individual lessons with me via webcam and upload videos of your playing so I can send you suggestions and feedback.

Learning to play a musical instrument takes time. Your involvement in your child's music practice greatly increases their chances of success. You need no previous experience to guide your child through their lessons. My goal is not just to enable your child to learn music, but also to support you in your role as their guide.

Suzuki music lessons don't just involve learning the notes. Like any good music lessons they also involve refining posture and tone so that you can play music beautifully. Suzuki lessons are a wholistic approach that help children develop many life skills through music.
Through this website I want to make Suzuki method music lessons accessible to many more people, with the convenience of time and location flexibility. 

How does it work?

I teach using the pieces from the Suzuki Method books. The books and CDs can be bought in my online shop or from most music shops. 

You can use just the video lessons on this website without any teacher but most people find more success if they have regular contact with me either with real-time lessons or by uploading videos so I can send you feedback and helpful suggestions.

Start by doing a 1-week-free subscription to have a look at the online lessons. If you like what you see then book a free introductory chat with me. To start lessons properly you'll need a paying website subscription, the Suzuki book, CD and an instrument to practice on. I hope to meet you soon,


Why not just use YouTube?

YouTube is amazing! We access all sorts of video topics via this platform and it has changed forever how we learn new information and skills.

However, learning a music instrument can take more than just video instruction to get right. Teacher support is a central and crucial part of developing these skills. Parental support is also important when involving young children, so both the child and parent need support to guide them together as a learning team.

The Suzuki method is revolutionary in this regard, as it trains the parent and child together. The parent is able to assist the child where needed during home lessons, and a quick video recording from a phone or tablet can be uploaded to this site, enabling constructive feedback as required. If more is needed, additional one-on-one real time webcam lessons are available.

Most countries have a Suzuki Institute (here is the NZ Suzuki Institute) which supports teachers by providing training and professional development. This ensures that every Suzuki teacher delivers students the best of this method, all over the world. However in some locations there is no trained Suzuki teacher available locally.  That is why I have created this website, as my way of bridging this gap, to bring Suzuki music lessons to more people