Slowing down mp3 tracks

When first playing along with a piece, it can help to slow down the tracks while you get used to the speed. You can search for mp3 speed changer or try these:

On ipad or iphone, try the anytune app

On andriod, try the audipo app

On a computer, try the VLC player. On this software, the speed selector isn't always visible on the player by default but you can put it on by following these instructions: Go to the Tools menu, then "Customise interface". Now in the "main toolbar" tab you should see a scrollable list of many items that you could put into your toolbar. Scroll right down near the bottom to find the "Speed selector". Click and drag this up into the main toolbar area, then click close. You should now see a little "1.00 x" in the bottom toolbar area of your VLC player.  


A metronome can be helpful for older intermediate/advanced students. I don't suggest using a metronome with children in book 1. You can search for metronome apps or try these:

On iphone/ipad: Promoetronome
On Android: Metronome beats

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