Your Achievements

When I see you play a piece I have two levels of achievement that I use to keep track of your progress. The first level (a tick) shows that you have learned the piece correctly. The second level (a star) shows that you have polished the piece.

For the "tick" (piece learned) I am checking for correct notes and fingering. Little mistakes are fine if you correct them straight after. The piece can be slow as long as I can see that you understand how the rhythm should go.

For the "star" (piece polished) I am looking for fluent playing at close to CD speed. I look for good posture and correct articulation (staccato and legato). As you progress I'll also look for dynamics and musicality.

You can show me a piece during a lesson or by uploading a video for me to watch.

The headings "Content", "Discussion" and "Files" below are clickable. Your progress chart is under "Content", my feedback is under "Discussion". You can also send private messages to me in the "Discussion" tab. Note that each thread of comments has the oldest comment at the bottom and newest at the top.

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